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Show and Tell: Natalie's SDCC 2012 haul

4:00 PM on 08.31.2012

Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru

Brian wasn't the only one to attend San Diego Comic Con and, likewise, come out of the event with more than he started (check out his Show and Tell to see what he ending up taking home). Not too surprisingly, my haul mostly consisted of soft and squishy things but there are few other goodies in there that are out of the ordinary.

And without further ado, I am pleased to present my SDCC 2012 haul. Hit the jump to be carried on the magical mystery tour.



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Tharp's Broozr plush

my Broozr is signed!

One of my most prized pieces from the convention was a plush of Broozr the zombie bear from Ohiya's booth. I was extremely fortunate to stop by the booth when Jason Tharp was there and he was kind enough to sign my new friend. He also doodled a sketch for me! 

Super Toast!

Super Toast's cape

On my visit to cover Dan Goodsell's The World of Mr. Toast booth, Dan generously gifted me one of his limited edition Super Toast plushes that was exclusive to SDCC. I loved how accurately the plush captured the character. He was so cute and had a hilarious, sort of mild expression that wasn't what one would expect of a super hero.

Dark Knight Rises Skelanimals

skelanimals unmasked

Over at Toynami, I couldn't help but purchase the con-exclusive Dark Knight Rises Skelanimals plush. The detail on this fellow was amazing! He had a utility belt and a cape and you could even take his costume off. I only tried taking off his mask but it came off and went back on with ease. 

Uglydoll haul part one

uglydoll haul part two

I had the very good fortune to meet David Horvath of Uglydoll's and he gifted me with a big bag full of toys! The only one of the photos I purchased myself was the 10th anniversary Wage plush (which I later got signed by David at the Uglydoll party in Los Angeles a few weeks ago). The other toys included: SDCC-exclusive Power Babo, one pair of Uglybuddies, and two Funko Blox of Wage and Ox. They were all stuffed into a Uglydoll-decorated reusable bag and I was thrilled.

DKE Leonardo octopus

Leonardo underside

During the DKE Toys' sample sale on the last day of the con, I managed to snag two plushes I had been pining after since first seeing them from behind the booth's display cases. The first being Leonardo the Octopus from the Deep Creeps series. His eye patches and underside suckers glow in the dark. 

DKE puppycow

puppycow side

The second item I picked up at DKE Toys' sale was Puppy Cow. He was just the kind of mutant plush I needed, equal parts adorable and pitiful. He's not terribly big but that ended up being a good thing as I only had so much space in my luggage.

awkward animals

awkard turtle xl

awkward panda

After discovering Awkward Animal's booth, I immediately knew I was coming home with one of their creations. The problem was deciding which one. Fortunately, I had enough money for my top two and just nabbed both of them. The first, Awkward Turtle XL is the largest of the plush line and by far the fuzziest. He has a little sweatdrop on one side of his head. I guess he is embarrassed that he is turned upside down. Awkward Panda has beanbag weights in his head so he can be positioned in a headstand or on his side. He looks so funny with his little red tongue.

non-plush goodies

The kind folks over at the Vamplets booth gave me a couple of limited edition posters and pins. The posters immediately made their way to my wall upon my return home. Awkward Animal also gave me a bunch of stickers and paper craft pages of their adorable characters. At the top of the photo, you can also see the doodle that Jason Tharp drew for me. Isn't that sweet?

I know what you are thinking: how in the heck did she take all this stuff home? First of all, foldable luggage works wonders for taking back more than you brought. Second, plushes squish into all sorts of convenient spaces. And third, I am just very, very lucky. 

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Natalie Kipper
Associate Editor/Plush Guru follow
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