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Show and Tell: Nagi Nendoroid

2:30 PM on 02.11.2011 // Kristina Pino

If you recall, my very first DO WANT as Tomopop staff was Nendoroid Nagi. I explained in my first Show and Tell why that was; the cliff-notes: I went to Japan not knowing about anime toys and collectibles, but really wanted a Nagi figure. I completely passed over all chibi figures, because I don't like their style and ended up with what was the subject of the above mentioned Show and Tell, a DX Nagi swimsuit figure by Banpresto.

Later on, I did kick myself in the butt about not picking up the Nendoroid while I was in the country, because I saw that thing literally every anime shop I went to. Back then though, all I saw was some ugly, deformed chibi figure I didn't want. What do I see today? It's still a deformed chibi figure I normally don't like, but the difference is I am endeared enough to the character to enjoy such a thing. 

Ready for more chibi? Hit past the jump to see what Nagi has to say about all this business.


Nagi isn't incredibly difficult to find and is relatively new. She might cost you a bit since you won't find her at the major resellers, but an average of ¥4,000-¥6,000 isn't all that bad for a mint toy that is no longer readily available. For me, it is worthwhile to pay up to that much for a toy I want, because I don't collect as many as others do. Because I don't spend as much regularly, I can afford to spend a bit more for specific items I want.


In my case though, I didn't purchase this Nendoroid. It was a surprise gift, so I couldn't even tell you how much was paid for it (or how grateful I am to have received it anyway, regardless of the price). I only just got it this month, and kept it inside the box for a good while until I knew I'd have a long time to play with Nagi and take some cute pictures of her.


One of the things that got my attention when I shot this image of her later on with my swimsuit Nagi is, the eye colors are different. Nagi's eyes are supposed to be this red/brown color the Nendoroid sports, but it didn't even occur to me before I took this comparison shot that the blue eyes on the swimsuit figure weren't true to form. Problem for me? Not really. The eyes match the hair and it only complements the figure. Problem for others? Probably, but nobody else commented on it on my Show and Tell either, so I'll assume I wasn't alone in this aspect.

surprise face

After that, I absolutely had to play with more of her faces. My favorite is her surprise face, because it's a Nendoroid. Nendoroids are so deformed already, they look best when they're sporting a face that isn't a typical happy smile.

snow and nagi

In this way, she'll blend a bit better with my Hachune-faced Snow Miku (reviewed). What's this? Is Miku jealous another diva is aboard her shelf? And Nagi, she has another idol competitor besides that freak Zange. Don't worry, Nagi. You're a very special diva.


Ah yes, very special indeed. Moving right along...

diva duo

She seems to have made a fast friend in Kagamine Rin, though. Look at them, holding on their mics and taking on the world with their charm together! The best diva combo, if you ask me.


These are my favorite chibi pair right now. I wouldn't have it any other way. It might change up a bit in the future when I receive miss pissy-pants Kirino, but I'm happy right now. 

other face

Getting back to Nagi herself, here's a bit of her not-so-happy face. By not-so-happy, I mean she's not all genki and laughing and "yipee!" One thing I plan on doing when I get Kirino is keeping her mostly in her angry face, because that's just the way she is. Nagi is another snooty character, and if it weren't for the surprise face she'd always be stuck in this cute one when on display. Are you seeing a pattern here? No, I don't keep my Nendoroids in happy mode.

cosplay WUT

Okay, now you're just being silly ...


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