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Show and Tell: Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Kumitateshiki DX Figure vol.4 by Banpresto

2:00 PM on 10.21.2011 // Jonathan Tubbs

Oh, hey, wasn't the latest Macross Frontier movie just released on DVD and Blu-ray? What perfect timing to talk about the little lady idol that has stolen my heart? If you've been following my ramblings on this site, you'll know that I'm a fan of the idol Ranka Lee. I like her sweet personality and I really do like her choice of fashion. Okay, well, not her concert fashion but the choices she makes for casual wear. Er, I mean ... what the producers at Satelight choose for her. You know what I mean!

Though what I'm sharing here is the figure that has her not in clothes that she chose. It's from episode 10 where Ranka is casted in the role of Mao (who is quite possibly cuter than Ranka) from Macross Zero. This is a prize figure that Banpresto released as a part of their Kumitateshiki DX Figure vol. 4. Once again, I underestimated the prize figure world but still like the work Banpresto did.

So hit the jump so I can share with you my love for this figure and make insults toward Sheryl.

... Okay, not really. I'll leave Sheryl alone.

Before this figure, I've owned a couple of the Ichiban Kuji figures of Ranka because those were the only PVC figures at the time of Ranka. And then I saw this figure while browsing sales at Hobby Link Japan. I thought it was pretty and since it was on sale, how could I say "no"?


So it comes in and was surprised by its size standing at a little over 6" tall. And the size of its base? Egad, it was ginourmous! Why!? Anyhoo, here's Ranka looking lovely in her dress with an adorable pose. Another one of those poses with a face that just brings a smile to my face.

I mean, seriously, look at that smile. Does it not fill you with happy thoughts? Okay, it's not the most perfect face but it's enough to make me happy. Normally, I have an issue with the way her hair is molded, most of the time looking like clumps, but I'm very pleased with how this one came out. The way it is moving and the layers.

The dress is simple but the pattern on it is what attracted me. The way her hand extends with her fingers separated really adds to the animated motion that Ranka is in.

Even from above, it's a lovely figure to look at. Again, the emotion that emits from her joyful movement just hits all the right spots with me. It's almost like she's spinning on the poorly constructed beach with the store bought sand.

So, yes, a really pretty figure. Especially for one that is a prize figure. And one that isn't a Banpresto Ichiban Kuji exclusive! Sadly, I no longer own this figure. To keep to my rule of one figure only per character and to pay some bills, she was sold over MegaHouse's Nyan Nyan version. Can you blame me for picking that one over the prize figure?

Though, I'm regretting it as I look over these photos again ... maybe I can buy a Mao figure since this is her dress. Then that can resolve my issue of duplicate figures. Plus I get the dress I like and a Mao figure! I must do this! It's a brilliant idea!

... ... ...

Oh... right. She's wearing a dress., there's that ONE shot that I'm sure people are curious about. Let me save you the trouble. They are boring white. Nothing new, right? still want to see? Oh come on! It's just plain underwear. ... How about you buy me some ice cream? ... Huh? You'll stop reading my posts? Cripes, you people drive a hard bargain. Fine. Here. 

You're some naughty folks, you know. ... Don't give me that look! I only took these shots for you because I knew you'd be asking. ... Really!

Well, if you're now interested, she's still available at Hobby Link Japan.

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Jonathan Tubbs,
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