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Show and Tell: Kristina's NYCC swag

4:00 PM on 11.18.2011 // Kristina Pino

Finally! My turn! You already saw Jackie and Pedro's swag posts, now it's time for mine. It's not very impressive, mind you, but I love everything that I brought home.

Of course, one of the things I tend to do is visit Disney Stores. I especially like the new one at Times Square, and you've probably already seen my review of the above pictured figures, so I don't need to go too in depth here. If you missed the review, you are of course welcome to click on the above link to check it out!

I was really looking forward to checking out the Big Kev's Geek Stuff booth, meet END of Argonaut Resins and of course, pick up one of the crossover sets that would be available at the convention. I wasn't able to snag the BatTuttz and JellyRobin set that I wanted, but I did get a clear green set which I love.

They look great, even if they aren't too detailed in terms of a paint job. Their molds are detailed enough and are charming by their own right. END was cool enough to sign the bottom of the figures as well as the box for me (you could see that in the gallery).

Next up is OsirisOrion's Buff Monster! The three of us each got a different one when we hit up the Tenacious Toys/Toy2R booth and had a chat with him and others who were present. It was way nice of him to give these to us, and once again I'm lucky that I walked out with another green figure! It's pretty much the theme of my swag at NYCC this year.

Green thing number four (Counting the crossover set as two separate pieces): NYCC Limited Edition colorway of SB from the Frombies booth! Jackie picked up one of these as well as the OG, and I'm really wondering whether I should hit up their online shop and grab one myself, because I'm really enjoying this figure.

The guys were also nice enough to give me some extra stuff with my purchase, like a pin of SB, a Frombies folder and a notepad shaped like the main character of their story, which is also a comic by the way, of which I picked up the first issue. I'm really looking forward to more stuff from them soon!

The last bit that I picked up was not green, but red! I wanted to buy at least one Tokidoki Unicorno while I was there, especially since all of the designs pictured on the blind box look appealing to me. The one I got is the devil unicorn, and she's got some cute details on her from her horns to some little hot chilis dancing over the flames coming from her...belly?

You could check out the gallery for more pictures of everything I mentioned, including some detail shots that didn't make it to the main body of the article! I didn't really spend as much dough as I thought I might, but I'm definitely glad with my purchases and everything else I came home with. The convention was loads of fun!

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