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Show and Tell: knittingdreams Mikun

6:00 PM on 05.06.2011 // Jennifer Johnston

A while back, Tyler introduced knittingdreams, a knitter/crocheter based in Spain. I thought her cute bears were amazing, so I picked up my favorite, Mikun. He arrived recently, and he is just the cutest thing! Hit the jump for some adorable bear spam.

Mikun costs US$34 plus shipping, and since he came from Spain, it took about between one and two weeks to arrive. With shipping he was about US$42. I know that seems like a lot for a tiny bear, but he was handmade and, believe me, he is extremely well made and full of awesomeness. I mean, just look at him!

Paw Pads! Squee!

I named my Mikun Rufus, so let's go with that from now on. Rufus can't really stand on his own because his head is so big and his body is so little. I figured that might bother some people who like to take pictures.

Since he can't really stand or pose on his own, my dolls got in on the fun to show him off.

One fun thing about Rufus is that you can change his look by ruffling his mohair up. You can actually make him look noticeably different from day to day, and that's been fun.

He makes a great doll prop!

As you can see, Rufus is pretty small. He's about the same size as Nendoroid Yui on her stand. Now that I think of it, they cost about the same, too.

Rufus was a big hit with all of my girls. He's quite the ladies, uh ... bear.

Rufus and Maple discuss the advantages of being small. Maybe. I don't think Maple is listening.

Right now knittingdreams is on vacation, but keep checking if you want to order an animal from her. Personally, I know that someday Rufus will need a brother! Check the gallery for some more cute pictures of Rufus and the girls.

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Jennifer Johnston,
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