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Show and Tell: Jin Saotome's custom Shyguy

2:00 PM on 07.01.2011 // Chris Pranger

Hey, looks like it's Friday, so that means I get to have another Show and Tell! Okay, so this isn't like my previous attempts. Rather, I got a special package from Jin Saotome: A custom Shyguy action figure! I was pretty excited when I filmed this little bit, though due to laziness I didn't quite get it up until now, which happens to be a few weeks after said video was taken. Just assume that I've lost a lot of weight between now and then and enjoy a little Show and Tell.

Shyguy, take it away!


Well, just as promised, Jin sent me a fully-loaded Shyguy to call my own, complete with flamethrowing chaingun (?????! :D) and evil sickle thing. What could possibly make this any better?


I'm going to say the only thing that could make this any better is the amount of possability the custom possesses. My assumption was that as a custom piece, I better expect to put the kiddie gloves on if I wanted to handle him. Actually ... kiddie gloves break toys, don't they? Okay, I'd want to put the obsessive collector gloves on. Turns out I needn't worry, as Jin's Shyguy is built for full-contact. How can I attest to this? Let's just say he fell off my shelf a few times.


I'm going to blame those swan dives on the hefty backpack Shyguy's carrying around here. That added bulk means he needs to either counter-balance a stance with the chaingun or be leaning backward.


Speaking of heft, that gun is freaking huge. It's like those big ol' Ganados from Resident Evil 4 that showed up just to mess with yer shi- uh, bother you slightly. Honestly, if Shyguy here popped out from around a corner and started firing at me, by which I mean Leon Scott Kennedy, I'd be freaked.


And if the gun isn't menacing enough, let's just bring out that sickle. The figure is built to look like it should normally be holding the chaingun in one hand and the sickle in the other, always ready for close-combat and ranged attacks. He would rule at Smash Bros., but naturally would be a poor jumper and thus would be middle-tier at best. I'd still make his sickle-smash take priority. Smash Bros. Nerdity!


Speaking of which, my action figures must fight each other on a regular basis to prove that they love me more. Leonardo has been a hot contender lately, what with two katana blades and a sweet black & white vibe to him, but can he withstand Shyguy's mighty strength?


No, he cannot. I'm still not sure if that's a gun that shoots flames or if it's a gun that shoots bullets, or possibly a gun that shoots flaming bullets. I like to assume the last choice, as this is my world and I make the rules.


A new challenger approaches! And what a challenger it is! My very own custom-made Beast (custom-made because I put an adorable sweater on him) comes out from the sidelines to fight Shyguy one-on-one. Shyguy's even ready to put up his dukes and settle this like men. Freakish, freakish men.


Beast has Shyguy in a clench! This looks like Chris' favorite is about to demonstrate his dominance by ripping the new guy in half!


Things look desperate for my toys! There's plenty of room in my heart for both of you! Why must you fight? Or right, for my amusement. Fight and struggle! Yes, good!


It seems there is no stopping Shyguy's new reign of terror. Do I have a single figure that can defeat him? None seem willing to step forward!


Oh no. He seems to have turned his gun upon me. Why aren't you wearing your "Chris, I Love You" sweater? I own you Shyguy, not the other way 'round!


I may not see my wife and cat and dog again. I'll miss my wife and cat. Curses Jin, the only way to save my life is to send me more customs.

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Chris Pranger,
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