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Show and Tell: Gary Ham's Snowman Holiday Android

4:00 PM on 01.14.2011 // Brian Szabelski

There's an old saying that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or squeeze the lemons back into life's eyes and kick it in the nuts. One or the other. But in any case, when you have several inches of snow still on the ground, you take advantage of it and show off your snow-themed toys.

Such was the case this week, and as a result, I got a chance to take a little friend out for a short journey. That little friend was Gary Ham's recently-released Snowman Holiday Android. Hit the jump and check out his little adventure!

Out of the box, this is what the little fellow looks like. Hardly recognizable as an Android, no? Maybe that's just a testament to Gary Ham's work.After all, he's the one who put the little scarf, that coal smile and those big black shiny eyes in his original design.

Well, maybe that and the hat and carrot, too. Those are two unique parts of this little design, and they really help him look more like a snowman than a robot. Wouldn't you agree he looks at home outside in the snow?

Still, the little fellow wanted to have some fun. He wanted to make a little snow angel in the freshly fallen powder. I figured I'd let him have a shot. And yes, as you might notice, his arms are two of his three points of articulation, the other being on the neck, no different than any of the other Android collectible figures.

Errrrr ... umm, good job there, little buddy. Even though you kind of made more of a snow circle than a snow angel ...

The more time we spent outside, the more time I realized my little Snowman Android like just being in the snow, even if he wasn't doing anything, trying to pretend he was really made of snow and not of plastic and circuits. Or I think that's what Androids are made of. I don't know.

In any case, it was a perfect time to get a good shot of my little buddy. The little hat and scarf are matching and use the same shade of green that the regular Android does, a very nice, subtle touch if you notice it. You can't see his little feet, which are black and I think supposed to be shoes. Real snowmen don't have feet, but again, he's a Snowman Android. Slight difference. 

I really love his face, though. Gary just knocked it out of the park, even with the little details like the snowflakes on his cheeks. He just seems so happy and friendly, doesn't he? It's a really eye-catching piece and one I'm glad I stayed up until 11 p.m. to get! 

My little friend loved the snow. He spent hours diving and hiding in it, trying to get me to come find him. I think I nearly lost him in a snowdrift at one point until I saw is little hat peeking out from the top! Even though I warned him never to do that again, he just dove right back in with that big grin on his face. *sigh* Silly snowman ...

By this time, though, the cold had set in and it was time to go inside as my hands were about to fall off. And then it snowed a little more. So while the winter weather cut short our adventure this time, there may be other such trips in the near future. Perhaps even with a few friends ...

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Brian Szabelski, Editor-in-Chief
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