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Show and Tell: Dal Dotori

1:00 PM on 03.04.2011 // Brigitte Coovert

After so many years of collecting the Groove line of dolls - which includes Pullip, Dal, Byul, Isul, and Taeyang - I've gotten pretty choosy, but when the mori-style Dotori was released late last year I knew that I absolutely had to have her. Many Dal dolls have kind of a severe look to me, but Dotori's look felt content and quiet by comparison.

Because of her style I really wanted to take her to the park with me for an outdoor photo shoot. Hit the jump to see her adventures in the park and read about some of the perils of doll photography!

Dal Dotori

So I said "mori," and you might be thinking, "What in the world is that?" Mori is a Japanese fashion and decorating style whose look evokes a feeling of life alone in the forest. "Mori" is actually Japanese for "forest" and Dotori definitely looks at home in the tree. Dotori's hat with ear muffs, the use of vintage style prints on her outfit, loose, layered clothing, apron, and mary jane shoes, are all parts of the mori fashion style.

Dal Dotori

In line with the mori style, Dotori's makeup has more natural feel to it. She has peach and yellow eyeshadow with lots of rosy, pink blush and a natural lip color. Her eyebrows are especially adorable and match her golden blonde braids, which you'll see more of shortly! Dotori also has cranberry red colored eyes, one of my favorite colors, and her lower eyelashes are alternating navy blue and brown.

Dal Dotori

I love a doll with an unusual hairstyle and Dotori definitely has that! Her two long braids come styled in two loops that can be taken down, but I really love how they look as is. They look so cute peeking out from under her hood while she's climbing through the large trees.

Dal Dotori

Outside is my favorite place for doll photography, especially when they're in trees, but doll photography is definitely not glamorous! Not only do you have to deal with weather and curious people, but bugs are always interested too. While I was taking these photos I almost stepped on a snake and the tree I was taking photos in was covered with tiny worms on threads. Yes, I got totally bombarded with baby worms. All in the name of doll photography!

Dal Dotori

Her hair is pretty cute without the hood, too, though now that I'm home the hood is back on! You can also see her little corduroy purse better here. It was windy on the day I was taking photos and the purse blew away six times while I was trying to get this shot! Remember to do an inventory of your doll's props before leaving the park, kids! To this day there's still a missing doll sock that I can't account for.

Dal Dotori

A closeup to end Dotori's adventure in the great outdoors! Her look is just perfect to me, I even love her name, and hopefully you had fun going to the park with us!

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