Show and Tell: Brian's SDCC 2012 haul

Aug 24 // Brian Szabelski

San Diego Comic Con was just over a month ago, but finally, I'm getting to writing something up about my SDCC 2012 haul. This year, the theme was to go small: I didn't end up picking up anything that was too expensive or more than about 3 inches tall because there wasn't much big stuff that caught my eye. Still, I ended up accumulating more than I thought I would, which made packing it all up for home a bit of a hassle.

We've got a lot to get through, so come on in and check it all out!

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Starting out, we have Symbiote Studios' Symbiotes line, which debuted at the show. The Symbiotes themselves are smallish, blind-boxed figures in two similar designs, but 

Both sets have zombie, normal and ninja variants, with the fourth Cat being a DIY blank one and the fourth Panda being a deep-sea diver. They have some articulation on the arms and neck and are pretty decent little figures. A big thanks to Symbiote Studios for passing along a full set for us to show off!

I've got to have my Marshall and Gumdrop collection grow, and this year, both 64Colors characters had new versions. Bubble Gumdrop is just a nice pink version of the regular Gumdrop figure, but Grim Marshall takes the basic Marshall body and gives it a much spookier look! Those red pupils inside the skull look positively spooky, and Grim Marshall even glows in the dark! It's like Halloween in July, and I love it.

Also, he's got a flaming Marshall head on his butt. I love this dearly.

We got to meet Andy from Kaiju Korner at SDCC, and I picked up one of the custom Shikaruna rabbits that he had with him for sale. This little guy is pretty much what you think it is: a sofubi rabbit. However, it's the first real indie sofubi/kaiju piece I have from a Japanese artist in my collection, which currently includes stuff from Super7, Max Toy Co. and Gargamel. US$20 was probably a bit more than folks would want to pay for a tiny 2 or 3-inch-tall rabbit, but for a cute one-of-a-kind piece of art? It was worth the money.

Squid Kids Ink had their Mini-10Doh!s on sale at SDCC for the first time, and I took the oppoetunity to pick one up. While hoping for a rare one, I ended up getting Tracy Tubera's design, which features his French bulldog, Tux. I was a bit indifferent on it at first, but this design has grown on me, to the point I'm happy I got him. Also worth noting is that the arms and legs are separate pieces you had to attach and I had some hassles in doing so.

Super7 got most of my money, but for the low price of free, I got these awesome art trading cards showing off Super7's SDCC offerings and product lines. Always appreciate a good freebee!

Foster is my favorite of the Super7 figures, so picking up the new colorway at SDCC was a priority. The Oatmeal Cookie Foster looks like he's been taken fresh from the oven, but he's just as happy to munch on himself as always! You can also see that I picked up a clear red Foster on the left there, which I forgot to nab a picture of as he's an older figure.

Natalie, however, had something for me as well: a Strawberry Foster from Wondercon! She'd picked one up as a surprise and I was incredibly happy to add it to my massively growing Foster collection. It's now at 5 different variants, which is two more than my Marshall and Gumdrop collections and only behind my Dunny army.

Rounding out the Super7 purchases for me was Pocket Baseball Boy, a variant on the classic Pocket Mummy Boy figure that I've liked. Inspired by a T-shirt made during the San Francisco Giants' recent World Series run and victory, Pocket Baseball Boy sports some baseball stitchings on his face and a baseball cap on top of his head. I wonder if I could get Brian Flynn to customize one in Tigers orange, white and navy blue for me...

CS Moore Studio's Mondo-chi came onto our radar shortly before SDCC, but it's a nice little figure. While the first Mondo-chi is just a blank DIY with articulation only in the neck, I definitely got the sense from my conversations at the booth that they're serious about making Mondo-chi into a figure people are interested in adding to their collections. I did get to give them some feedback on a few things, so it'll be interesting to see how Mondo-chi has evolved by the time we see the first release later this year.

From the Kuso Vinyl booth, we have CrappyCat as Driver Red, a Kamen Rider-inspired hero, ready to fight the evils of the world! Driver is about the same size as the other CrappyCat mini figures released previously, but with a metallic silver base coat and some pretty cool detail work for the face and body armor parts.

Driver Red comes with a zapper gun as his weapon of choice, which is painted a little bit differently to probably avoid a lawsuit from Nintendo. Still, it's a very nice little choice that the gamer in me loves and I hope Van Beater makes more CrappyCats styled like this. Imagine a whole Driver team ...

So, there you have it! 

Oh, and I guess this counts ... but I also pre-ordered that Sideshow Collectibles Poison Ivy that's coming out in 2013. Can't wait to see her in my collection!

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