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Show and Tell: Ame-Comi Harley Quinn

3:00 PM on 08.14.2009 // Rio McCarthy

Growing up I watched a heck of a lot of cartoons, and Batman: The Animated Series was one that I was sure not to miss. Heck, to this day I still go back and watch it, and this is where my original love for Harley Quinn came from. She's now been immortalized in a PVC figure by DC Direct with UDON's renditions of the DC Comic girls for the Ame-Comi Heroine series.

Hit the jump to check out more on this new design for the delightfully insane main squeeze of The Joker!


Harley Quinn

The packaging is rather cute, and has a nice and large window in the box so that you can see first hand what the figure you're getting will look like. I actually quite like UDON's design for Harley, especially since they pretty much stuck to her classic outfit while still making it their own. The back of the box makes me giggle a bit though because the description of her is:

"Delightful but deadly! The deliriously demented doctor-turned-jail jester may look cute, but packs quite a punch. The maniacal main squeeze of The Joker often bides her time with her best friend, the equally deadly Poison Ivy. Puddin' would be so proud!"

Harley Quinn

The base she stands on has a pretty neat Ame-Comi logo on it, and she has a white/clear piece that you place her in back and it hooks into the base so that she stands properly.


Harley Quinn

This go around Harley's tossed out her hammer, and has brought with her an explosive cupcake. I can definitely say that if I was going to get blown up by something a cupcake would definitely make it suck a lot less.


Harley Quinn

She also sports a really creepy Joker mask on the other side of her head. Her head is posable so you could turn her head around with that face if you'd like, but it scares the crap out of me somewhat so I'd prefer to keep her cute face to the front.


Harley Quinn

She matches well with an art piece I'd picked up at a comic convention a while ago, but that's another story. I happened to find her in a random music store about town, so she's definitely out there for grabs. She was one of the first in the series of the Ame-Comi Heroine figures, so she might be a little tougher to find, but be sure to keep an eye out.


Harley Quinn

You'll be able to find her around for somewhere near $50, whether it be a bit less or a bit more, it really just depends on where you pick her up from. If you just can't wait to try and find her near you, you can order her now from Big Bad Toy Store for $46 and she'll be right on her way. I really enjoy having her in my collection a lot, and would definitely suggest it for any Harley Quinn fan, or of course a fan of the UDON art style!

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