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Completing a set of Vinylmation may not sound like a big deal, but it kind of is. It's either buying the individual blind boxes whenever I've got the cash, or saving up for an entire tray, worth US$230-310 depending on the series (unless it's a window box series, duh). My choice was definitely blind boxes. In the end, I spent almost as much as I would have buying the tray to get all of the Animation series, but the good thing about Vinylmation is they can be traded later. I spent the money over time rather than all at once. 

The hardest figure for me to find was obviously the chaser, or mystery figure, which was a Pink Elephant. I wasn't going for completion from the beginning, I just wanted the dang elephant. Maybe I'd score two, then I can make a mini parade. Maybe I'll go on eBay and buy a few cause I think they're so cool. There are three variants plus the "standard" pink elephant! It shouldn't have been so hard, right?

Now you can see why I ended up with so many extras and doubles! Hit the jump to check out my entire set.

Animation isn't as scarce as some of the other Vinylmation sets (such as Park #5) have become, so if you feel somehow moved by my article today, you can totally just go to your local Disney Store and purchase a few blind boxes, go on eBay and get the ones you definitely want for a reasonable price (better than picking several blind boxes and not getting what you want), or buy them from the Disney on-line store.

For now, though, let's check out this set, which is the first I've ever completed, all cause I wanted the pink elephant.

dodger and quasimodo

I'll start with these two goofs. Dodger is one I could have done without if I had picked out characters for this series, but I like that Quasimodo was in it. What can I say, I think The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a much more interesting movie. They both look good on the Mickey mold, though.

phil and naveen

Next up is going to be Phil and Naveen. I absolutely love these two. Phil's grumpy face is awesome, and in the gallery you can see what he looks like from behind as well. Naveen has an amazing expression on his face and translated very well onto this mold. Below is a close up of just Naveen, because he looks that awesome.


Really, this is one of the better additions to any Vinylmation set.


Here we've got Aladdin, who is probably my least favorite of the set (Alice is a close second). Most of the reason why is because he's got this chubby-face thing going on that makes no sense (and a silly expression to boot). I think the chubby face syndrome isn't as bad as Alice's, since she's got some face lines at the bottom of the head, but she looks funny at least.

alice and marie

This is what I was talking about with Alice. The expression and everything makes her look really funny, but those lines on her face make her look distractingly chunky. In her case, it's funny, but Aladdin didn't fare the same way in my books. Also next to Alice you've got one stuck-up white kitty from the Aristocats (Marie). I like her, but she and Alice are the figures that I got repeats of the most. I have mixed feelings about both, if only because I had so many of them at one point. Seriously, I had six Alice figures.

mushu and simba

Back to more positive notes, here are Mushu and someone's behind. Mushu is a cool character and I like that he was added, but maybe the sides of his head shouldn't have been red so we can appreciate the design a little more. Am I being too picky? Anyway, that behind belongs to Simba! He wasn't part of the regular set, but the combo topper. He's the last figure I attained from the set since I had to go to the D-Street at Downtown Disney to grab it (with a blind box that contained another repeat).


Here's a look at Simba from the front. This is another one that translated really well onto the mold. I'm glad I ended up grabbing one, even if the blind box didn't have a variant in it. By variant, I mean I would have loved to get another pink elephant, or for example the other version of Pinocchio, pictured below.

peter and pinocchio

Pinocchio comes with the donkey ears and tail, and I had three of these to trade away by the time I was done with this set. There is a variant of Pinocchio without the donkey parts and just wearing his usual blue hat which I would have liked, but alas I'm not that lucky. Next to him is Peter Pan, who looks cool, but Tinkerbell is cuter.


This is a close up of Tink, cause it's Tink.

Fairy Godmother and Naveen

Last (well, almost) we've got the Fairy Godmother with someone's rear end. She's another of the lucky ones that look really good on this mold, and of her and everyone else you've seen in the main body of the article, there should be an image in the gallery of the backside.

And, the moment you've all been waiting for (maybe)! The pink elephant himself!

pink elephant

"They're here, they're there, pink elephants everywhere ..."

Ok, so this is what I went through all the trouble for. It's my favorite of all four designs, which is a plus, but it's definitely one I'd like to have more of. In the future, I might go eBay hunting for more, cause they seriously did a nice job with these. The other designs are either this color or a lighter pink opaque, and the lighter pink "clear" version.

elephant side

I was totally charmed by it, and I'm glad I went through the trouble in the end, since I got to complete that set, but there are few series I'd actually want to have a whole shelf for, you know? Most other sets, I just pick a few here and there I like and move on. Like I said before, the best thing is that you can trade these, and there's a huge following for trade events aside from the usual Character Warehouse/Park Stores trading options.


That's it for my Show and Tell! I know we don't have a huge Vinylmation following on Tomo, but seriously, a lot of these are fun. The best ones are character or Parks figures rather than the "Urban" designs. Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below, and enjoy the gallery! 

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