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Show and Tell: 1980 Lone Ranger Action Figure

6:30 PM on 04.08.2011
Show and Tell: 1980 Lone Ranger Action Figure photo

I have a lot of older toys. I've refused to throw anything away, even if it's broken, so I have a bunch of classic action figures and such from my childhood just sitting around begging to be talked about. Therefore, I pulled out one of my all-time favorites: A 1980 Lone Ranger action figure from Gabriel.

Instead of just writing something up, I made a little video describing the adventures of The Lone Ranger and myself ... and a handful of G.I. Joes. More of that after the jump!

As mentioned, I'm talking about a 1980 Lone Ranger action figure. Gabriel had the rights to The Lone Ranger brand for toy distribution (I like to just think it's some guy named Gabriel), leading to the inevitable toy that you see me talking about today. I'm reluctant to link to a single auction, so here is the eBay listing for "1980 Lone Ranger" when searching specifically though toys. I'm seeing some loose figures with starting bids as low as US$0.99, so there's a good chance you can get one extremely cheap. Vintage in the packaging? Add about $150 to that.

Keep in mind when watching the video: My heart is in the right place, but my tech is on the low end. Why? Because I'm not selling my toys for a new computer or camera. However, if you do like this, let me know via comments and such and I'll be sure to convince the kindly editors here at Tomopop to let me ramble about more of my toys/adventures. That said, here's the video. Enjoy!


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