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SHF Sailor Moon is a reality this August

10:05 PM on 04.14.2013
SHF Sailor Moon is a reality this August photo

The announcement of Sailor Moon coming to the S.H. Figuarts line was a shock. For a series with such history, not a lot has come out of it figure-wise. That all changes with S.H. Figuarts and you won't have to wait much longer as she will be out this August for 4,410¥.

For your money, you will be getting quite the figure. Included in the package are the traditional SHF pieces, plenty of alternate hands, 3 faces, and the Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal. Also mentioned on the page, but not pictured, are effect parts for the tiara. I can only imagine how those parts will turn out, but please let them turn out right.

With the special page now ready for business, hopefully pre-orders will be on their way. Everything's official and ready to go, but I can't help but say that the price does seem a tad high. Hopefully those extra parts make the price worth it. For the rest of the fans, I don't think price is going to stop them with this release.

[Sailor Moon Tamashii Page]

SHF Sailor Moon is a reality this August photo
SHF Sailor Moon is a reality this August photo
SHF Sailor Moon is a reality this August photo
SHF Sailor Moon is a reality this August photo

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