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SHF Lelouche leads Bandai for this month's hobby scans

8:05 AM on 12.22.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Also Charizard

This isn't the biggest month in terms of new announcements, but there is the joy of seeing the items from shows now being confirmed for their release. Come April, D-Arts Charizard will be released upon the masses for ¥3,800. Also coming in April was the first shown, then not approved, but now for release S.H. MonsterArts King Kong for ¥5,500.

The big draw this month is the assortment of new goods coming for Code Geass. Knightmare Frames are making their comeback in the Robot Damashii lines, as we'll be seeing releases of the Glasgow Akito ver. in April for ¥3,500 and the impressive Lancelot Grail in July for ¥4,410 and only from the Tamashii Web Shop. The jewel of the collection is the reveal of S.H. Figuarts Lelouche. Not only will you get the fabulous cape as an add-on, multiple faces featuring the Geass, two extra helmets and plenty of hand accessories will be included. For those wanting to start their rebellion, SHF Lelouche will be out in April for ¥3,990.

Lots of goods so far but I imagine that the draw for you all here is Charizard and Lelouche. How many of you are taking the plunge on either of those or are some of you will be adventurous and are going for SHM King Kong?

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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