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Shawnimal's final NotM, Ragdoll Ninja, releases today

12:45 PM on 12.05.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Plus, the Legends of Ninjatown bundle is put up on pre-order

It is both a sad day and a happy one. Shawnimals' final Ninja of the Month plush releases today and, from the ashes of the plush subscription service, rises the Legends of Ninjatown. NotM is going out with a bang and its grand finale, Ragdoll Ninja, is perhaps my favorite of the line. This 7 by 7 inch little guy has "button" eyes, a stray thread, and can actually sit on its own.  He is limited to 100 pieces and, given that it is the last of the series, I imagine that he will be snapped up rather quickly (plus, just look at him!). Ragdoll Ninja also comes packaged with a signed and numbered hangtag, a character sticker, character button, and an illustrated fable scroll depicting the little toy's tale. He will cost US$30 when he is released today at 1 p.m. Central.

The first product from Legends of Ninjatown will be released at the same time. It is a pre-order for a bundle consisting of five 5 inch tall plushes (one from each of the main squads: Fire, Forest, Snow, Aqua, and Spirit), five double-sided cards with artwork and information about each squad, a membership card, and five 1 inch pins with the squad's apprentice on it. If you pre-order the bundle, you will also get a signed Legends of Ninjatown giclee print. It should be noted that these plushes are not limited edition and that, while you will get the print in time for the holidays, the rest of the bundles ships after the new year. The Legends of Ninjatown bundle costs US$80.

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