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Selvaria Bles gets the new figure treatment, courtesy of Alter!

5:00 PM on 03.07.2010 // Chris Seto

Alter are easily my favourite PVC figure manufacturer. While many others are hit-or-miss for me (mostly miss due to my preference towards resin kits), Alter consistently impress with their products. Although I feel that they may miss the mark a little from time to time, such as their bizarre and somewhat awkward pose for Adult Fate T Harlawn or the inexplicable bulge around the hip for their KOS-MOS ver.4, their quality and designs are usually second to none among the big manufacturers!

So with that in mind, I'm very interested in their planned release of Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles going toe to toe against the Enterbrain version which was reviewed by Community member Drew327 a little while back. I'm a massive fan of Valkyria Chronicles (the game. The awful anime does not exist in my mind!) but the previous Selvaria figure left me somewhat cold. Primarily because I thought the pose was incredibly awkward. It was almost like she unbalanced and was about to fall down.

Alter have gone for a more static but more commanding pose compared to the Enterbrain version but have kept similar features. You will be able to swap out her hand and replace it with a Valkyria lance weapon and equip the shield as well. Her cape can also be removed

No word on a release date or price yet, but given that the prototype was shown off during the summer Wonder Festival last year and surfaced again at the recent winter event and Megahobby Expo, I doubt an official announcement can be too far away.


[via Moeyo]

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