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Looking forward to New York Comic Con...

When you have to display at multiple toy shows a year it's hard to keep things fresh and exciting. Hasbro did a pretty good job last year between Toy Fair, BotCon, San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, and in 2016 they were off to a good start, but falling kinda short at SDCC. Nearly everything shown has either been found in store computers or leaked into the rumor mill. One even showed up on the package of another figure at BotCon, though Hasbro wouldn't completely acknowledge it. They had quite a few things on display, but we'll be focusing on just the things that haven't been officially shown by Hasbro before. 

Combiner Wars:

Combiner Liokaiser (This guy's box art had been leaked and the figure appeared on the bottom of another figure's box at BotCon) - Based on the Japanese Transformers Victory group Breastforce (yep) which featured six members with transforming breastplates. All of the members use previous bodies from the line but feature new heads. Two of the members have been replaced leaving Guyhawk, Fellbat (Hellbat), Ironbison (Killbison), and Drillhorn. At the center is Dezarus (common alternative to Deathsaurus) a remold of Sky Lynx lacking a bot mode but featuring a new dino head and combined head. 

Titans Return:

Titan Master Sawback (this guy has never been seen before) - Based on a Japanese Headmaster figure named Lione that was sold without a larger robot body and could turn into a lion. His vehicle turns into a Lion, weapon, and... something else, probably a jet. More like these, Hasbro!

Titan Master Overboard (This guy is new, too) - Not digging the new name. He wasn't actually at SDCC, but Hasbro slipped him into their official images so this would be a leak in itself. Apparently this is a repaint of Crashbash as Overkill, one of Soundwave's tape minions. It's a little unfortunate since it would be better to have Overkill in the Legends scale with the other tapes. Anyway, he'll certainly have a vehicle that turns into a dragon, t-rex, and weapon just like Crashbash.

Legends Bumblebee (This one was leaked by an insider) - This is our second new Bumblebee in the Legends scale. He's based on the Classics figure from 2006 (It's already been 10 years!?) though his transformation is quite different so that a Titan Master can ride around inside him in car mode. He isn't a bad figure, but most people aren't crazy about those arms. 

Legends Gnaw (Found in a listing back in 2013) - This figure has been a long time coming. Back in 2013 he turned up in a computer listing (with a Micromaster named Gnash), but was never released as part of the Legends series of the time. In 2015 someone just went ahead and asked Hasbro what the deal was and they were told they'd be coming soon. Well here he is! He doesn't come with his Gnash, but this figure has a great likeness to the Sharkticon from the original animated movie. I wish the hands were a bit better, but it's still a great figure.

Deluxe Brainstorm (Leaked by Walgreens on Twitter) - Originally Hasbro said this guy would only be available as part of their SDCC 2016 exclusive offerings. Then a few weeks ago Walgreens let it slip on Twitter that they'd be getting a variation of the figure as their own exclusive. Both figures use the same mold with the SDCC version being colored like how he looks in the IDW comics while the Walgreens version is based more on the original toy from '87 like their normal retail releases. Unfortunately his Titan Master has been renamed Teslor rather than Arcana. 

Voyager Megatron (leaked by an insider plus a paint schematic) - Megatron is back again, this time as a Triple Changer. The entirely new mold transforms into both a tank and jet so the expectation is for the figure to be remolded into Blitzwing later. It's a good looking figure though I don't know if it's better than the Blitzwing that was just released in 2013. His Titan Master has been named Doomshot, an entirely new character.

Robots in Disguise:

Not a whole lot new here, the focus was on the Clash of Transformers sub-line exclusive to Toys R Us and showing up in stores now. For the most part these figures are repaints, but there are two entirely new Starscream figures in both Warrior (Deluxe) class and 5-step class. The Warrior class Starscream is surprisingly complex and looks like a cross between G1 and Fall of Cybertron. Most likely they'll also sell a slightly different Starscream at normal retail like they did with the previous CoT Megatronus. 

There's still quite a bit left that's been leaked and Hasbro themselves teased Overlord at BotCon. Plus they still have to reveal Titan Trypticon despite having two huge art pieces for him at SDCC. There's going to be a lot to look forward to at NYCC, don't let us down!

[images via Seibertron]

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