SDCC 2012: Toynami

8:00 AM on 07.14.2012

Our SDCC 2012 coverage continues with the company that showcased one of the most fluffiest and cuddliest displays, Toynami! The most prominent reveal was their Street Fighter Hello Kitty plushes, in which we'll be getting the lightning legs officer, Chun Li, and the infallable, M. Bison. Sticking to the plush variety, Toynami's DC Skelanimals were out in full force. These crossovers feature the like of Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Green Lantern, and all of the other well known DC heroes and villains. 

Switching to the plastic side of things, Toynami displayed their RobotechBleach and Naruto merchandise. Most notably they had their Kurosaki Ichigo statue on display, who is set for release this winter.

Lastly we have Toynami's American franchise merchandise, encompassing Futurama and Spongebob Squarepants. If you ever wanted these characters by your bed side, your wish has been granted as Morbo, Hypnotoad and Kip are all in plush form! All of this goodness is summed up in 44 images within the gallery, check it out! 

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