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SDCC 2012: Silent Stage Gallery

2:30 PM on 07.18.2012 // Brian Szabelski

The small booth that was home to Silent Stage Gallery was also the SDCC home to Angry Woebots and an army of different Gazer busts. Based on the design by Woebots, Gazer is a 6-inch-tall bear who, true to his name, is looking out at the world. The Polar Ice Gazer was available at the show for US$150, while he was flanked on either side by future releases in the Black Ice and Honey Ice Gazers. There were also painted Gazers and variants of the Nightmare King Panda Head at the booth, plus one gigantic Gazer painted by Woebots himself.

My favorite piece, though, was the Monk Life Gazer done by J*RYU. True to its name, it featured Gazer in a sitting pose, with a monk's staff in one arm and a prayer bead necklace around its neck, a medallion hanging off of it. Check out the gallery for a full glimpse at all the pieces available at the booth and let us know if you have a favorite!

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Brian Szabelski, Editor-in-Chief
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