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SDCC 2012: Shiflett Brothers

8:30 PM on 07.18.2012 // Scarecroodle

A teddy bear clutching a skull. Heart and Spade-embossed boots. Imp and skull knee-pads. These elements and more comprise the Shiflett Brothers' Chloe: Aviator for Hire resin kit, just one of the many items on display at their booth. While the brothers may be most famous for their work with Bowen Designs sculpting Marvel characters, their booth was instead populated with statues and resin kits for their own original creations.

These creations include the aforementioned Chloe (available as a resin kit for US$85), as well as Lulu: The Destroyer (available in resin kit form for US$135), Noynub in: Deal with the Devil, and more. A few of the designs, like the Vertical Man-Tank, were one of a kind and thus considerably more expensive (US$2250 in this instance). There were also some neat works in progress, like that skeletal-looking beast mech.

Be sure to check out the gallery.

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