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SDCC 2012: Gentle Giant - Star Wars

11:00 AM on 07.19.2012 // Tianxiao Ma

The Star Wars merchandise on display by Gentle Giant was pretty diverse. Their big reveal was the Darth Maul figure with a new and improved spider body. I vaguely recall there being a comic book about spider-Maul coming back to seek revenge on Obi-Wan. Actually seeing the design, though, kind of makes me think of The Rock in The Mummy Returns.

Next up we have some scenes from the original trilogy rendered in the style of the Clone Wars cartoons. I'm a fan of the dewback trooper, but the speeder scout getting attacked by Ewoks kind of annoys me. Every time I watch Return of the Jedi, I become more and more infuriated by the Battle of Endor. If the Stormtroopers lived up to even one percent of their reputation, were halfway competent, and didn't needlessly try to take prisoners, the rebellion would have been crushed and it wouldn't have been close. Crap, I'm ranting.

The last item of interest is the Mos Eisley backdrop (shown behind the Kenner action figures), which will be sold as part of a cantina play set by the end of the year. That'll do it for Gentle Giant - it was a fairly diverse set of stuff overall.

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