SDCC 2012: Gentle Giant - Honey Trap and miscellaneous

10:00 AM on 07.19.2012

Gentle Giant had an impressive presence at SDCC, so we'll kick this off with a look at one of their original properties: Honey Trap. Their representative described the line succinctly as women with big guns - two subjects I'm always fond of. There are five figures: Fireball, Katya, Derby, Whisper, and Lucky. Each also has a cool illustration done for them by Kevin Dart, and they're all based on characters. For example, Lucky's pose is based on Jesse Ventura's character from Predator, which instantly makes her my favorite. I'll leave you guys to parse out which movies inspired the other characters.

Other items on display include statues for The Hobbit, a few Harry Potter items, and a figure of the terrifying Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. There were a few things that couldn't be photographed: a bust of Gollum from The Hobbit, and a set of army men-style zombies from The Walking Dead. Just one bit of sad news if that Yuki 7 figure caught your eye: you won't be able to buy it as it's apparently a one-off.

There's plenty more Gentle Giant stuff coming up so stay tuned!

Come for the news, stay for the people:

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