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Possibly the biggest news going into SDCC (on the DC Collectibles front anyway) was the announcement of a new con-exclusive 3.75-inch DC line. Expectations for further news about the line were beyond shattered by a stunning display over the DC Collectibles booth which showcased many of the future entries.

However, the display was unable to completely overshadow the other items at the booth because DC Collectibles delivered an incredible display for their larger "New 52" line of action figures as well. This one replicates a massive throw-down between the Justice League and Darkseid's invasion force; more importantly showing us that our collections will never be complete with just one Parademon, we need at least ten or twenty.

The Just-Us-League (the Mad Magazine parody where every hero/villain is a variation of Alfred E. Neuman) also appeared and the Hall of Just-Us is as cool as ever. It was joined by the Legion of Dumb's secret base (hidden by a fake mustache & nose pair of glasses).

There's ton to see, so why not just click the jump already? You know you want to.

The obvious eye-catcher was the display for the new DC Comics Super-Heroes 3.75-inch line. The display piece is stunning on its own merits, but the Lantern Corps battle makes the entire thing look incredible. The figure placement gives the display a very busy, almost frenetic look which sells the idea that there's a fight going on. Plus keep in mind that this is the first time that we're seeing most of these figures.

Besides Kyle Rayner and Kilowog (sold as a SDCC exclusive 2-pack), there's no release information for these figures other than they'll be sold at upcoming conventions and will likely come in 2-packs. These other figures are Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Tomar-Re, Soranik Natu (Sinestro's daughter), Hannu, and Isamot Kol; Red Lanterns Atrocitus and Bleez; Blue Lantern Saint Walker; and Orange Lantern Larfleeze.

First off, I think they all look great. I'm not sure how good the articulation is but it looks like it's at least comparable to Hasbro's early Marvel Universe figures. Among them, I'd say that the figures that really got my attention were Hannu, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, and Bleez (pictured). I love Bleez's design (the display placard misspells her name as "Bleeze"). I never really noticed it until looking at this figure, but there's a strong Digimon vibe like she could be Devimon's cousin or something (an observation I'll probably regret making).

At any rate, the line seems like it's off to a good start. I'm just hoping that they sell phenomenally well so that DC Collectibles may consider a wider release. Of course, I'd also like to see the line feature some non-Green Lanterns but I think I'd rather that happen after (or, if) the line becomes more readily available.

The "New 52" display was also a treat. Besides seeing the Parademons in action (again, I now want a whole bunch of these...), we also got a better idea of Darkseid's scale and, given the size, his MSRP is a little more understandable. The display itself is fairly vibrant, conveying a good deal of energy. Plus it really seems to showcase the Parademon's versatility.

I noticed the use of epoxy under some of the characters' (Darkseid, Cyborg) feet to hold them in place but I don't seem to see it used on others. I also find it slightly humorous that the heroes are in these outrageous action poses despite the figures themselves lacking ankle articulation.

Some of the props used in the display, such as this collapsed house, are incredible. I really wonder where they find this stuff.

There's just something you've got to love about the Hall of Just-Us. For starters, it looks like it actually is just cardboard with masking tape. It's also just an incredibly humorous design. While I hope that they make it available, I honestly can't say that I'd buy one. Actually, it would be great if they released the instructions for how to build one then included a few of the stickers (or smaller pieces) with each figure.

I'm still not as fond of the figures themselves. I guess the Green Arrow is neat. The other cool addition (and I'm not sure how recent this was) is the Legion of Dumb consisting of Black Adam, Bizarro, and Reverse-Flash (it's worth nothing that Black Adam and Reverse Flash were NOT members of the Legion of Doom in Challenge of the Super Friends).

I really like how the design for the Legion of Dumb headquarters. It looks like the actual Legion of Doom headquarters (if it had straw teeth) with stuff just tacked onto it. The kicker is that the base is wearing a glasses disguise yet has giant letters overhead proclaiming its affiliation. Hilarity!

You'll also notice what looks to be Batzarro in front of the Legion of Dumb headquarters despite not being listed on the placard. I say this because he has the same skin complexion as Bizarro (the line's Batman has normal color) and a reversed Bat symbol on his chest. His omission on the card's roster seems a little odd but the placards at the DC Collectibles booth do seem to be peppered with small errors.

At any rate, I'm really not sure why they didn't go with real Legion of Doom members (other than Bizarro) for the Legion of Dumb. I know I would have enjoyed seeing Alfred E. Neuman bald, as a gorilla, with red-skin and a huge head, in a blue parka, dressed as a Cheetah, and wearing a jester's cap. You know, either individually to replicate the villains or all at once. I guess there's probably room down the line for those options if the earlier waves sell favorably.

The release schedule for these figures is as follows: Superman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman will be releasing in July 2012 (so possibly out already); Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern in September; and finally Batman, Robin, and Joker in November. The Legion of Dumb characters (Black Adam, Reverse-Flash, Bizarro, and presumably Batzarro as well) have no listed release date.

All in all, I was impressed by the action figure side of the DC Collectibles booth. I expect that even non-fans might enjoy these displays.

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