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Scopedogs take center Stage for Hobby Round 8

3:30 PM on 10.28.2012 // Chris Seto

Soar in the Blue Sky with a rocking theme song too!

On the mecha side of things, All eyes were on the scopedogs of classic anime Armoured Trooper Votoms at Hobby Round 8. Alongside the basic scopedog, we got some kits of the pilots from the show, including the main protagonist, Chirico.

There were also kits from the Zoeki-Mura series of kits, which specialises in authentic propeller plane kits. On display was the Oh my Goddess! special NIT plane which we saw at Wonder Festival but as for announcements, there was only really one.

After having the main logo up on the front page of the Hobby Round 8 website for so long, Volks have finally told us what it means! They will be releasing plastic kits of the mecha from the classic video game series Virtual On with the first release being the series stalwart, Temjin 707 seen in Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram!! I wonder how it will compare to the Kotobukiya version...

[Many thanks to Tokyo Hunter for the photos]

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