Schick's crazy Evangelion promotion includes ... figures?

Apr 25 // Brian Szabelski    @brianszabelski

Evangelion 3.0 is a few months out still, but the tie-ins to the film are already popping up. Taking the weirdest tie-in so far, though, has to be Schick's Evangelion promotion. Already the top-selling brand of razors in Japan, Schick have decided to hitch their products to the anime series, which brings us a few weird things. First up: a series of phone charms featuring the cast of Evangelion 3.0 shaving. For some reason, that includes EVA-01.

Okay, that's fine and nothing really of note ... except for what else they're offering as a promotional item. Take a look, because it's a set that includes a razor stand which also doubles as a figure stand. And yes, there's a matching figure to go with it. In this case, it appears to be Rei, but as Mari and Asuka are also tied to specific Schick products, there's a high likelihood they'll be getting sets with their razors as well. Anyone else think this is just crazy enough to work?


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