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Scan the details of S.H.F. Iron Man Mk VI and War Machine

11:00 AM on 01.24.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Well, so much for Revoltech competing

There have been a LOT of Iron Man figures. We've seen Hasbro's effort, we've seen Kaiyodo's Revoltech versions, and now we get to see what Bandai has up their sleeve with their renditions in the S.H. Figuarts lineup. At the first glance here, this is the figure we've wanted all along.

Even though Iron Man 3 is ready to hit theatres this May with a slew of new armors, Bandai is going with the designs from the sequel.That being said, outside of Hot Toys, this is the best rendition that I've seen of the two. They are loaded with effect parts, both for their individual weapons as well as leg thrusters.  I love the details that have been put in, especially the flaps on the back that open up on Iron Man. The only thing that disappoints me on these is the fact these designs are now three years old and the new movie will be out before these are.

The other disappointing point of these figures is the price. They are both scheduled for release in May with a price tag of 4,725¥  for Iron Man MkVI and 5,250¥  for War Machine. With that price tag, you could argue that the Hasbro 6" are better for the collection, but I think I will easily give those up for a chance at these.

[Images via Tamashii Nations]

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