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Say hello to the tiny girls of Sakurasou

12:00 PM on 12.21.2012
Say hello to the tiny girls of Sakurasou photo

Sakurasou is probably my show of the season. almost solely due to the behavior of utterly lovely heroine-of-sorts Mashiro Shiina. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the main cast is nowhere near as endearing as the little savant. Our "hero" Sorata is a wishy-washy milquetoast lead who panics when a girl looks at him funny, and our other "heroine" option Nanami is no less than a nosy cow who constantly pushes herself where she doesn't belong. Despite this, I adore the series thanks to the supporting cast and Mashiro herself, so it's hard to pass up this latest addition to Media Factory's Nanokore line.

While I'd love to see a properly proportioned Mashiro first, this is definitely a nice little appetizer of sorts. You'll get many of the Sakurasou girls in this set, including resident Brit Rita Ainsworth and the perky AI "Maid". My favorite is almost certainly Maid, as you can count on her actually being 1/1 scale, which is always a perk for me when it comes to tinier characters. You'll be able to pick up a box of eight in May for about ¥4,800.

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Say hello to the tiny girls of Sakurasou photo

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