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Santa Gundam has landed his sleigh in Tokyo

1:00 PM on 12.02.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Event in Odaiba began yesterday and runs through to Christmas.

It's been a pretty quiet weekend. With no big conventions or events happening it makes for a good time to dig out your Christmas decorations if you haven't already. To get you in the mood here's something festive straight from Japan. Remember that life-size Gundam that popped up around Japan before finding its current home on Tokyo's Odaiba island? It's totally in the holiday spirit now, getting lit up with colorful spotlights and surrounded by decorations including the real attraction: Santa Gundam! And he isn't alone, he's accompanied by some fluffy Zeon snowmen, all lit up in front of the life-size Gundam. There's also a video that plays in the background showing off Santa Gundam's White Base sleigh pulled by a red-nosed Zakrello as it's being filled by Zeon elves. The nearby Gundam Cafe has been similarly decorated with white Christmas lights and a changing light display.

Now, this being Gundam, you just know Bandai can't pass up the opportunity to try to sell you something in the Santa Gundam image. Nothings been said yet, but I'm sure there's a at least a phone charm coming our way, though I think an SD kit would be pretty awesome! In the meantime follow the jump and watch a time-lapse video from the first day of the event set to some Christmassy music.

[via Anime News Network, Mainichi Shimbun]

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