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S.H. Figuarts Lelouch forces you to part ways with your $

6:00 PM on 12.28.2012 // Andres Cerrato

, $, it's all the same.

It kind of goes without saying, make a figure of a pretty boy and watch the money rain down upon you. Lelouch is no stranger to the phenomenon being from the popular Code Geass. He's had his reign of figures before, but for those that have already dove in and bought those, you may have to do so again. 

What will immediately come to mind to many is the previous figma version of Lelouch. As to why you should possibly go with the SHF version, there are those key differences. As was pointed out in the comments prior, the SHF will be 150 mm in height, 10 mm shorter than the figma. For that lack of height, you are getting something in return, namely tons of accessories. You will get the mask, the fabulous cape and plenty of facial expressions. The biggest difference between the two figures is the inclusion of that admittedly great expression in the header and the fact that this is his R2 costume. This will be a plus for those who can now justify, "I have to buy it! He has a new hat outfit!"

Those caught in the glare of Lelouch's Geass can know that he will be out this April for the cost of ¥3,990. Make your dowries in payment to Tamashii Nations when pre-orders become available.

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