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S.H. Figuarts Frieza will murder you

9:00 AM on 01.24.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Not like Ray Lewis though, he's innocent

After so many shows, you would think it'd finally be released? After being confirmed in this month's hobby scans, S.H. Figuarts Frieza will be arriving this June and now we have the photos to show off what you'll be getting. With what I'm seeing from the release, it's going to be an easy sell.

As for what you'll be getting, it's Frieza in his Final Form, just not the 100% Roids power version. Included are three heads, crossed arms, 4 hand sets, effect part for the Death Ball, two tails, and a stand. The stand and the additional tail will seem familar to DBZ fans as it depicts the scene that Frieza kills Krillin. I'm looking forward to this release if just for that.

While SHF Frieza will be available through the Premium Bandai Shop, he will be arriving at U.S. outlets via Bluefin. As it currently stands, he's scheduled for release at the end of June/start of July so he should be ready for San Diego Comic-Con in July. No price is given as of yet, but I'd expect somewhere in the $45-55 range.

[Images via Bluefin-Tamashii Nations]

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