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Ryomou relaxes with a revealing re-release

10:00 PM on 11.25.2012 // Emily Smalara

Griffon - 1/7 Scale

It's hard to say whether the lovely Kanu or the ferocious Ryomou is the more popular Ikkitousen character at the moment, but it certainly seems to be she of the medical eye patch who's getting all the attention as of late. Even re-releases are cropping up, with this showing from Griffon.

Admittedly despite my dislike for Ryomou in general, this is far from the worst I've seen. I like her swimsuit, and it does a fine job of being castoffable without looking bulky while in place, unlike so many other figures. As always, the vibrant blue is a big attraction for me, and I also appreciate the dark, bolder coloring of her hair as opposed to a duller shade. While she may not be my favorite Ikkitousen girl, I don't think I'd mind having this one in my collection! She'll be available come February for about ¥6,800.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search ]

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