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Rumor: figma Guts could be coming to WonFes

1:45 PM on 07.05.2011 // Andres Cerrato

As you have seen in the C-Blogs, figma Guts is possibly on the way. An ad promoting future Berserk projects found its way to the web, hinting at the collaboration of a new figure from the franchise. While the ad does not directly say figma, it's mentioned that its being manufactured by Max Factory and Good Smile, which leaves only one line that it would be released for (because no one bought ActSta anyway). The figure is set to debut at WonFes this month.

I find myself extremely skeptical though. I have no doubt that they actually have a prototype ready for the show. As awesome as a Berserk series of figma would be, I don't have any faith in Max Factory to deliver. Sun Red, Archer, and Johnathon Joestar have all soured me as empty promises of manly figma. As awesome as this news could be, past disappointment leads me to believe otherwise.

Max Factory, please make me eat my words and actually release this along with the others.

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