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Rotobox's Supasentai Series begins with Akaranger!

11:00 PM on 05.15.2012 // Andres Cerrato

I haven't been able to talk recently about Rotobox, and with how much I love their stuff, that's quite the shame. Today they've announced their latest creation and series and like everything else they make, it's something I want. Their newest series will now take on the world of Super Sentai, with the first release being none other than THE Red Ranger, Akaranger.

Rotobox is continuing the use of its Celsius base, which works will for the red spandex-clad warrior. Given the reverence for Akaranger in Super Sentai, there's really no reason to expect anyone else as being the first release. The work itself is well-done, with the gloss red paint contrasting so well with the metallic blue used for the eyes, not to mention that belt. It only makes me want to see what's next, as they always one-up themselves. Perhaps some of the marvelous new stuff with GokaiRed or toss the PR fans some love with Burai the Dragon Ranger (aka Tommy's Green Ranger).

If you are looking for Akaranger, he's a limited edition of 3. He hasn't been put up on Rotobox's store just yet, so I'd go ahead and get in contact with them ASAP if you want him.

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