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Riddle me this, Batfans, how do you smartly spend US$350?

5:00 PM on 08.03.2012 // Scarecroodle

WRONG! Oh wait, did you say, "buy Project Triforce's 19-inch full scale Batman Arkham City Riddler trophy"? If so, you could feel almost as clever as the Riddler.

Project Tri-Force had this large replica in their booth at SDCC but it was so well-concealed in our SDCC coverage that not even a great bat detective could find it (also on display was a SDCC-exclusive reddish-pink Catwoman-themed variation). This 19-inch replica features a working LED (see right side of header) that ratchets up the coolness factor. Honestly, who wouldn't want a collectible that only gets cooler when you turn out the lights? And, if anybody else is around, you could taunt them with a, "Riddle me this: where is the light switch?"

Project Triforce's full scale Riddler Trophy will be limited to 440 pieces and has a price tag of US$350. If that seems a bit much, just ask yourself, "Can you put a price on clever? And is that price less than US$350?"

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth Big Bad Toy Store ]

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