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Revoltech Thunderbirds TB2 Ship pre-orders are go

10:30 PM on 02.26.2013 // Scarecroodle

May rescue your collection.

Pre-orders have opened for the Revoltech Thunderbird 2 (Thunderbirds). The Thunderbird 2 will measure approximately 8.4-inches in length and feature a number of gimmicks in addition to looking totally awesome.

From what I can tell from the photos, the ship features its landing gear as well as the detachable pod containing Thunderbird 4. The pod's interior seems to be detailed and painted, so serious kudos to Kaiyodo. They're really done some fabulous work here. I'm guessing that there will also be additional accessories which we may see when the Thunderbird 2 goes up for pre-order at other retailers.

While the Revoltech line's take on human characters hasn't been without some complaint, it seems like Kaiyodo is doing a lot better on the vehicle front. The Thunderbird 2 looks absolutely spectacular. For all you rescuer-types, the Revoltech Thunderbird seems to be slated for a May release.

[ Pre-order Thunderbird 2 at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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