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Revoltech Iron Man Mk III is now available for pre-order

9:00 AM on 01.05.2012 // Andres Cerrato

It seems that no matter what line he enters, Iron Man will trigger a company to make everything they possibly can. We've seen it from Hasbro and Hot Toys, but Revoltech is now full into the fever with their newest Revoltech of Tony Stark's armor.

The Mark III version is the best version produced so far. Even if you already own a previous version, Revoltech will continually be able to make you buy the same figure over and over again. What's new this time? Well, how about a beautifully sculpted head of Robert Downey, Jr.? What if I told you that his arc reactor can light up? Oh, there's also the matter of better articulation, but hey, he lights up!

You can currently pre-order the Revoltech Mk III at your choice of retailer. He's currently set for release in March, when he'll cost you 3,334 yen or less. I've got to admit, the head alone may get me to pull the trigger on this, but what do to with all of these other Iron Men I've got?

[Pre-order Revoltech Iron Man MkIII at AmiAmi | HLJ]

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