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Revoltech goes ultimate with new Kinnikuman and Lupin

10:00 AM on 12.14.2012 // Andres Cerrato

and a re-release of Jigen too

I've honestly forgotten about Revoltech. It's just that their releases as of late have either been not worth my time or simply out of my element. It's a shame because I loved Revoltechs since they were just pieces for Keroro figures. It looks like they're trying to get my love back with their newest offerings.

Let's start with Kinnikuman, as it's just a figure four to my love of wrestling. While most in the U.S. somewhat recognize Kinnikuman with the version we got here, Ultimate Muscle, this release is of the original series. He's packed with accessories, but it just fails a tad short of perfection. Kinnikuman comes with an alternate torso so that you can display him with or without his shirt. Also included is a white head, portraying the faceless jobber that will inevitably be fed to Kinnikuman. Unfortunately, this release would have really benefited from an extra body for said jobber. They show it off in the promo images, but it's not included. As for when you can put him on your card, he's slated for a February release for ¥4,267.

Also in today's lineup is a new version of Revoltech Lupin. When I mean new, I mean his jacket is green instead of red. As you will know, this version is his outfit in Miyazaki's Castle of Cagliostro. He does come with new accessories and new faces, so some effort did go into this. I loved my original Revoltech Lupin, so this version will be a bit hard to pass up considering he comes with a bag of loot. I just wish they came out with a Zenigata to go with him. However, there is his partner Jigen who is also being re-released. You can try to capture Revoltech Lupin in February for ¥2,838 yen. As for Jigen, you can buy him right now on HLJ for ¥1,486 yen.

[Pre-Order Revoltech Kinnikuman at AmiAmi | HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search]
[Pre-Order Revoltech Lupin III at AmiAmi | HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search

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