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Revoltech gets into vehicles with the TDK Batmobile

11:00 AM on 12.31.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Objects may appear larger than they seem

It hasn't been the best year for my collection of Revoltech. Even with a number of Iron Man releases, I still couldn't bring myself to add a single Revoltech in the past year. That doesn't mean they haven't put out interesting releases, but maybe they can get me to add one to the collection with this Batmobile.

It's not uncharacteristic for Revoltech to go into vehicles as they had previously released Lightning McQueen from Cars. That release struck me as odd, but a Batmobile, especially the Tumbler, feels a lot more at home as a release. As to whether it will fit the previous Revoltech Batman, I don't think that's likely. While this is just a test prototype, I hope the final product does end up looking this good. According to Twitter, it will be released sometime in the Spring.

As nice as this does look, I'm a bit dismissive considering the size. It certainly looks great, but I would love this a lot more if it could be to scale with the Revoltech Batman. It may still be worth it, but we'll just have to wait until some solid info comes out.

[@Sennmusann via FigSoku]

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