Ques Q adds a playful Kirino swimsuit figure to their line up!

12:00 PM on 09.30.2011

Yeah, my jaw dropped when I saw this. I can't believe I've missed this adorable figure up until now! I haven't really heard much about Ques Q (with the exception of handling Taiga in the tiger costume - that figure is beautiful) and their figure quality, so you guys will have to help me out here. Just by looking at some of our backlog, Kirino looks better than most of the stuff we've seen before. Do you Tomofolk think this is going to be a worthwhile investment of my (or your) January pre-order budget? Going by looks alone, she'll be worth every penny (or ¥1).

Her retail value is set at ¥6,100, not too high for an approximately 1/8-scale figure, and she also comes with two expressions so you can make her look irritated or smiling mischievously. And by mischievous, I think she's going to be using that squirt gun on you.

I absolutely love the swimsuit and style of this figure in general - it's so fun and bright! Is anyone else tempted to pre-order her?

[Images via AmiAmi; Pre-order at: Hobby Search | AmiAmi | HLJ]

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Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager