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Promoted Review: PreCure!'s 'Cure Moonlight' by MegaHouse

4:00 PM on 05.06.2011 // Kristina Pino

This review was pretty much "instant promote" when I saw it come up on the community blogs. The images are gorgeous and some of you would be missing out if you don't regularly peruse the reader-submitted articles!

Well, it isn't just the images you'll find awesome; personaspace also went into detail with the figure and also shows us the little fairy that comes with Cure Moonlight. It's a very informative review, for fans and folks that don't watch PreCure alike, because the figure is just beautiful overall. 

Quit reading my text, hit past the jump and see what personaspace published!


I watch Pretty Cure. It's a guilty pleasure that I picked up back in 2007 when a friend showed me his parody web comic. It was a sort of post modern take on the magical girl formula, and compared to the other stuff I watched, it was a nice change of pace. Either way, the most recently completed season, HeartCatch Pretty Cure was quite a change of pace for the series, and I loved it. The character of the weeks had actual depth, the overarching plot was well written, and the show wasn't afraid to try some new things. Among those new things, was having a Pretty Cure that was actually in her late teens, Yuri Tsukikage, aka Cure Moonlight.

Figure Name: Excellent Model HeartCatch PreCure! Cure Moonlight
Figure Maker: MegaHouse
Retail Price: ¥6,800

Moonlight is 1/8 scale, and at 220mm shes only a little shorter than Max Factory's 1/7 Mio. Her wide base provides plenty of support though, so there's no worry of her tipping over if she's on a level surface.
Moonlight's outfit is rather unique compared to other PreCure. Rather than a skirt and top, Moonlight's outfit looks more like an elegant gown. It gives her a more mature look compared to her younger teammates, and I absolutely love it.

She's attached on her base with a single peg in her foot. Her leg seems to be made out of ABS though, so there's no worry about her developing any nasty lean in the future.

Speaking of her feet, I love her boots. Simple and elegant, and posed ever so delicately. It's almost like she's gently gliding through the air.

Moonlight's hair is translucent with minimal shading and molding. If this were a figure from any other series I'd probably complain, but as far as HeartCatch goes it keeps with the art style.

The coloring on Moonlight's outfit on a whole is on the simplistic side, but once again, it's keeping with the source material. The real elegance comes with the sculpt.

Moonlight has so many good angles. Her elegant shape and outfit flow well with a variety of views. Had I had more time today I'd probably have filled up my SD card.

Moonlight's hair seam is a bit obvious from the top, but from her right it just blends in with the rest of her hair. From the left it's covered by the blue flower in her hair.

Also included is Moonlight's partner fairy Cologne. He comes with his own separate stand. And no, his ear isn't broken, it's part of his design.

My figure arrived with a few small indents in one of her bangs. I'm not sure if this is the same case with others. However they indents are so small that they are barely noticeable under normal display circumstances. That's literally the only major flaw that I've found with Moonlight.

Overall Cure Moonlight is a beautiful figure, especially for fans of HeartCatch Pretty Cure. It's great that even a magical girl anime can get such a great figure. It was totally worth building a light box for just so I could get better photos than I normally have.

HeartCatch! (I love this angle)

Special thanks to my Mom for letting me borrow her camera. Otherwise I'd be stuck using my crappy M22. Also Andrusi for getting me into Pretty Cure in the first place, as well as the LJ Pretty Cure Commune.

Kristina Pino, Managing Editor
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