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Promoted Post: Dizuni-san shows us some handmade Persona 4 mini figures

11:30 AM on 01.07.2011 // Kristina Pino




Community member Dizuni-san appears to have a talent for sculpting! Since he is unsatisfied with the lack of Persona Nendoroids, he decided to make some of his own. This post is about some great Persona 4 figures and a little bit about the process involved with making the sculptures, or Nendoroids as he put it. Considering we don't really have that many Persona toys, seeing stuff like this is a true delight for fans of the games.

Check out Diz's post below and go through the process, and be sure to leave some feedback at the end! I would definitely like to see more of this in the future, especially since there's a little bit of more-in-depth content about how stuff like this can be made. Click through the jump to see for yourself! 

Dizuni avatar Dizuni-san


So, this past Christmas, I was in a bind because I didn’t know what to get as gifts for two of my closest friends. So one of them suggested I make something with the left over maquette supplies I had…and this was the end result.

Because I recently finished Persona 4 (yeah, I took forever to beat it, but I LOVE THAT GAME!) and it was still fresh in my mind I wanted to make my friend’s favorite characters from the game, The Protagonist and Naoto. I also wanted to see Nendoroid versions of these characters but since I kinda think that might not happen any time soon, I decided to take a stab at it.

And for those curious as to how I made these, I photographed part of my process.

These are the turnaround sketches I drew and based the figures on. I still feel like I did a better job at the drawings than I did with the figures…but they still liked them anyways ^^;;

For materials, I used Super Sculpy, aluminum armature wire, thin copper wire, Aluminum foil, Propoxy, various tools you see here and acrylic paint for the colors.

This is what the base armature looks like underneath all the Super Sculpy. I twisted the wire around so that the Sculpy had something to grip onto as I apply it on. I also crumpled and packed on Aluminum foil for the heads because I don’t want to apply so much sculpy in that area. It would make the figure too heavy and prone to cracks.

I didn’t photograph the application of Sculpy and Paint, but hopefully that was interesting for you all.

If you have any questions, I’ll gladly answer them. Again, I did these as handmade gifts to some dear friends of mine and fortunately they still liked them. I learned a lot by making these and I do plan on making more in the future because I want to perfect my sculpting skills. I might have another try at the Protagonist and Naoto since I wasn’t completely satisfied with my end result and could have done better…maybe the rest of the P4 cast too…who knows?

Anyways, what do you guys think? Good? Ok? Bad? You did a terrible job of my beloved characters? I’d like to know what you have to say, good or bad.

Thanks for reading!

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