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quesQ: Mikasa Ackerman
/ Anime


Jump and leap onto these QuesQ Mikasa pre-orders

Why the long face?
Mar 12
Although it's been off our screens for a bit, Attack On Titan continues to be the hottest thing in the figure world, with almost every company cranking out merchandise at a furious rate. Given the vast amount of stuff out the...

Slay titans like it ain't no thang with QuesQ's Mikasa

More shots from Miyazawa Model Expo
Dec 20
Attack on Titan's Mikasa was on pace to be one of my favorite female characters of the year... but then the show just kind of stopped building her up. Even so, there's no denying that she's a talented titan killer, which brin...

Mikasa from Attack on Titan getting a figure by quesQ

Kicking ass and taking names
Nov 12
Miyazawa Model Expo: Autumn is in full swing, and we're seeing some great stuff coming out of there. Check out the gallery for a shot of Mikasa Ackerman, who is getting a scaled figure by quesQ. She's an unpainted prototype for now, but looking pretty solid. Mikasa is slated for release in June of next year, for now. [via Hobby Search]

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