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Volks: Hobby Round
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Volks Joint Festa 2: Dealer Floor

It wasn't a 1 company show!
Dec 20
Lets not forget that Volks also had a dealer section at the event where garage kit makers showed off their wares. There was a strong lean towards KanKolle at the event, but that was fine as there were some other interesting k...

Volks Joint Festa 2: Figures and Mecha

doing their own thang!
Dec 20
And I thought Treasure Festa was a little too close to Christmas... Well, Volks chose to prove me wrong as, along with Jump Festa, they also held their own event this weekend, a mere five days before we all take a few days of...

Hobby Round rises and throws in a few surprises!

My poor wallet...
May 25
Hobby Round has grown considerably since it started up six years ago but even with the increased showing from the garage kit makers and other companies, it is still very much the Volks show so it makes sense that Volks use it...

Hobby Round 12: Volks shows off their next 1/4 scale kit... finally!

Been a long time coming!
Oct 19
Looks like Volks was a busy bunny this weekend. As well as showing off their new Macross F dollfie dreams, they were also holding their usual biannual Hobby Round event and used the event to finally show off their new 1/4 sca...

Volks Hobby Round 11: Mecha get some loving too!

Obligatory Megas XLR theme tune playing
Apr 20
Ah Volks, whatever you do, please don't stop making drop dead gorgeous Five Star Stories mecha kits!! A large display was put up at Hobby Round 11 to showcase the new plastic kit of the LED Mirage, one of the most iconic desi...

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