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Volks: Dollfie
/ Doll


Sword Art Online gets another addition to its dollfie dream family

Volks on Overdrive!
Apr 06
Ever wonder if Volks are overdoing things a little with their Dollfie Dream Releases? Not only are they prepping for a Snow Miku release as well as the two Macross F ladies, hot on the heels of the Dolls Party event in Kyoto,...

Volks add a few new extras to their upcoming Macross F Dollfie Dreams

Going to need a new wardrobe...
Apr 04
The pre-order window may be closed and the actual items aren't expected until the end of the year but that hasn't stopped Volks from adding a little something to their new Dollfie Dream releases (to be)! Back at the end of la...

Volks milks the Hatsune Miku License for yet another Dollfie Dream

what, already?
Jan 21
It has only been a few months since Volks have completed shipping their Hatsune Miku dollfie dreams to buyers, and now they are already planning the next one! We've had a couple of additional costumes already, but in a rather...

Volks release promo Video for their Dollfie Dream X Macross F Collaboration!

They want your Christmas money!!
Dec 24
Just in time for the holidays!! Volks has just released a promo video for those of us on the fence about buying one of their Sheryl Nome or Ranka Lee Dollfie dreams! In a rather insidious move, they have released the video j...

The Dollfie Dream Macross F Collaboration items have been priced!

Not long to go now!
Nov 16
If you've been following the Dollfie Dream twitter feed, you will have noticed that several additional costumes have been announced for the Macross F x Dollfie Dream collaboration but rather than bore you with multiple posts ...

Get a first glimpse of the Macross F Dollfie Dream Collaboration!

Sheryl! Sheryl!! Sheryl!!!
Oct 19
Well, that didn't take long! It was only a week ago when the Macross F X Dollfie Dream collaboration was announced (with a basic website with no info made live a few days later) but we've already got a first glimpse of the tw...

The next Dollfie Dreams ask you to listen to their songs!

One hell of a sucker punch!
Oct 11
Oh boy... There are sucker punches, ones which really take you down for the count in one blow, and then there are things like these which knock you out before you know what happened! Volks are currently wrapping up their Doll...

This Months Volks news shows us how to eat deities!

and room for a boyish girl who wants to be more lady like
Jul 06
The latest issue of Volks News has started to appear online in scans which gives us a good chance to look at the latest offerings from Volks ahead of big events like Wonder Festival and their own Dollfie Dream Fest at the end...

Volks sneaks in one more Idolm@ster announcement

One more time...
Apr 08
Volks just can't keep away from the Idolm@ster right now. Along with the news and first showings of Rin and Ranko, the Volks Dollfie Dream Twitter page has also posted up a teaser for their next release and they're going back...

Volks Revisits the Idolm@ster for their next Dollfie Dream Releases

Are you ready? I'm Lady!!
Apr 06
[EDIT - Dollfie world was kind enough to post up some scans of Volks News and they do indeed have prices for the ladies. Shibuya Rin can be yours for ¥58,000 while Kanzaki Ranko will set you back an eye watering ¥62,0...

Volks teases 3 new Character Dollfie to their collection

Something old, something new, something older... and really damn expensive!
Nov 15
[UPDATE: Twitter user @TonyBSD added prices on his tweets for the three ladies from his copy of the magazine! Belldandy comes in at ¥120,750 (told you she would break ¥100k!) while Yaya will be ¥59,850 and Erica c...

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