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Vertex: Selvaria Bles
/ Gaming


Selvaria Bles may be up in flames, but with Vertex she's burning up the pre-orders!

Fan-favorite Valkyria Chronicles baddie, in fighting form.
Jan 21
She may be committed to her cause, but a top General of the Drei Stern from 2008's Valkyria Chronicles can now be under your command. If that command is to stand in a pose on your shelf. This battle tactician has long been a ...

Vertex infiltrates Gallia to bring us more Valkyria Chronicles Goodness what I'd like to say.
Oct 05
After "teasing" us with photos on twitter (which pretty much gave the game away without explicitly doing so) Vertex recently showed off the prototype of their next figure release and it's a blast from the not-so-distant past ...

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