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Multiverse Studio Inc.: Harvest Moon Deluxe Plush Series
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Get a closer look at the upcoming Harvest Moon plushes

Straight from Natsume's booth at E3 2014
Jun 12
Many of the booth's at E3 2014 were vast, grand, or high-tech but Natsume's was the only one that I would call homey. The publisher of Harvest Moon had a faux flowers, a barn backdrop, and even a giant cow (he makes his appea...

Multiverse Studio is giving fans new adorably plump plushes from Harvest Moon

These surely will give your room a farm-like quality
Jun 05
I don’t know about you, but when I play Harvest Moon it isn’t for the thrilling adventure of farming. I’ve always played because the animals looked so cute I wanted to interact with them. Well, today Multiv...

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