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Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Sega - Plush

3:00 PM on 02.20.2012 // Natalie Kipper

At Prize Fair 2012 Summer, Sega's booth had a boatload of plushes but, to be honest, a good portion of them were from series that I am not familiar with. This is a flaw on my part and I must ask you, good sleuths of the Tomocommunity, to speak up if you can identify the series that are mysteries to me. Those series in the gallery include the roly-poly ghost and dog, the sheep people, the wide-eyed cats, the ball-balancing dog, and the well-dressed bears. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let's move on to the plushes I can recognize! The characters of Anpanman are in a matsuri mood, dressed in festive yukata and carrying fans and, well, anpan. They come as regular plushes and as straps. Plush Doraemon straps celebrate the Western Zodiac with the titular character dressed in costumes, like a lion and a scorpion. Tomodachi 8-nin had its colorful cast adorn straps as well hold stars as full-size plushes. The characters of Pakkororin came as plushes of all sizes, including plush backpacks. Familiar faces like Snoopy and Hello Kitty were also at the event. I love that Alice in Wonderland outfit on Kitty-chan. Jewel Pets, Ms. Bear, and Sugar Bunnies' sets provide straps and plushes that are more geared towards the female eye. The green and white puppy, WanWan, plays peekaboo and begs for hugs in his plush set. The only Rody offering was the plush tissue holder. I still love it, though. 

See any prizes you absolutely have to own?

[via Dengeki Online]

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