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Preview this slick Samurai from 7th Dragon 2020

2:00 PM on 06.27.2012 // Emily Smalara

Today, Max Factory's given us a quick preview of this upcoming hottie set to release in October, the sexy Samurai from PSP title 7th Dragon 2020. A sequel of sorts to the DS' 7th Dragon, the game was made by the (in my humble opinion) fantastic Imageepoch, a wonderful company who has gone from a great developer of classic JRPGs to a reminder that being a gamer with Eastern tastes in America, quite frankly sucks, all in the span of just a couple years!

We haven't seen an original title from Imageepoch in three years, despite what seems to be rave Famitsu reviews for 7th Dragon in particular. In any case, I digress and stray into territory more appropriate for our friends over at Destructoid. What I will say is that from a glance, I absolutely love the character design for this game and Max Factory looks to have done a great job with a really appealing figure!

The combination of fantasy elements like her glove and sword mesh surprisingly well with your typical school uniform, and there's a definite sense of movement with her skirt and ribbon, not to mention that gorgeous hair. Of course, I'd be remiss in not mentioning those stockings as well! She looks to be one to definitely keep an eye on when she goes up for pre-order tomorrow, and she'll be around in October for about ¥9,800.

[via figma blog]

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