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Preview this gorgeous Leicia figure from Good Smile

9:00 PM on 07.20.2011 // Emily Smalara

Today's double-take worthy figure comes to us from Good Smile Company, featuring the stunning Leicia from Beatless, a novel currently being serialized in the Japanese Newtype. It kind of saddens me that our own short-lived version of Newtype only serialized manga instead of, you know, books, but I digress.

Needless to say, this figure is absolutely outstanding. Everything about her screams "must have!" and would have me reaching for the order button if I could. Really, there's not a thing I don't love about this figure. From the calm expression to her relaxed pose and motion of her hair, she's really, really well-done. You can also take a look at how close she is to the novel's own illustrations over at Mika-tan's Blog.

Leicia is a good example of a figure that can have a load of appeal without showing off overly immodest amounts of skin, though it does seem that you can remove the guards around her hips, a little detail I'm certainly not complaining about! Good Smile's also put a lot of effort into whatever the device she's toting around is, allowing it to be moved and posed at a number of different angles. Of course, a figure this lovely and complex doesn't come cheap, but if you've got the 9,000 to drop on a pre-order, hop on over to Good Smile's store before the end of August to lock your own Leicia down.

[Pre-order at Good Smile Company]

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