Preview of Kotobukiya's Eishi Cryska

12:30 AM on 12.17.2012

Jon Wills

Associate Editor

A very pretty Cryska. Will you be her hero?

In recent months we've seen a lot of new figurines from various companies of characters hailing from the animated series Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. One of them was Kotobukiya's excellent 1/7th scale Yui Takamura Eishi Kyoukasoubi that we covered pre-orders for back in November. If you liked her, though I think your going to love Kotobukiya's newest 1/7th scale figurine of Cryska in her Eishi outfit.

Her face just looks so perfectly like Cryska to me; so focused and ready to do what needs to be done! Also her hair seems to move just right. Her pose is interesting and shows off a lot of her curves. The coolest part to me is all of the paint detailing and armor work done on her. Her armor may be skin tight, but there is a lot of contrast between the purple and white parts, plus the little blue trim all comes together to look very attractive. The crumbled buildings around her base and the gun in her stand do give the illusion that there is some kind of battle going on, setting the scene to look more like it came right from the show.

Pre-orders for Kotobukiya's Cryska should be opening up in the next few days, so if your interested stay tuned for more news on her. What do you think Tomopeeps? Do you think you'll be picking her up?

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